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Lancaster City Flourishes and everyone shares in its success.
Lancaster City Alliance is a non-profit that cultivates partnerships with business, local communities, the arts, education, non-profits, and government to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all.

Committees & Volunteer Groups

The Lancaster City Alliance Executive Leadership Teams provide valuable connections and guidance to our staff. They consist of volunteers representing local corporations, small businesses, City residents, and stakeholders.


This Team focuses attention on building strong relationships with the City and County public officials while asserting ourselves to influence public policy critical to the success of Lancaster. The Team prioritizes being aware of the efforts and positions of LCA ELT’s as to support them and impact their respective success. The Team, at the Community level, places value on understanding the priorities and positions taken by peer organizations to assure vetting and collaboration arrives, as possible, at formidable consensus.

  • Dave Hornberger (Chair) – Orrstown Bank
  • Thomas Baldrige – Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Doug Brossman – Burnham Corporation
  • Clarence Kegel – Kegel, Kelin Almy & Lord
  • Robert M. Krasne – Steinman Communications
  • Don Nikolaus – The Donegal Group
  • John T. Reed – Barley Snyder
  • Daniel Youngs – Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Marshall Snively (Staff)
  • Colleen Wagner (Staff)
Chairperson’s Council

This Team is responsible for the LCA strategy of bringing together key economic development organizations to discuss, align and advance strategic level opportunities with the focus towards furthering the success of the City of Lancaster. The Team places emphasis on keeping pace with community progress and advances opportunities through use and reference of in place strategic plans to assist in coordinating and clarifying leadership efforts.

  • Jane McMinn (Chair) – S&T Bank
  • Jeff Kenderdine (Vice Chair) – Willow Valley Communities Charitable Foundation
  • Sam Bressi – Lancaster County Community Foundation
  • Colleen Wagner (Staff)
  • Marshall Snively (Staff)
Community Safety

This Team focuses attention on community safety, quality of life, crime education and prevention, public policy and programmatic responses. The group prioritizes strengthening our current relationships with the City Bureau of Police, the Lancaster Safety Coalition, Lancaster Safety Partners, the DID, organized neighborhood and community groups and other organizations seeking to make a positive impact on community safety and quality of life.

  • Chris McMurtrie (Chair) – Community Organizer
  • Wes Farmer (Co -Chair) – Consultant, Community Organizer
  • Milzy Carrasco – City of Lancaster
  • Jack Crowley – Water Street Mission
  • Gene Duncan – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
  • Patrick Egan – Select Security
  • Chief Scott Little – Lancaster City Fire Department
  • Bill McHale – Franklin & Marshall Department of Public Safety
  • Tim Miller – Lancaster Safety Coalition
  • Jake Thorsen – SoWe Neighborhood, LHOP
  • Freddy Ramos – Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster
  • Dave Aichele (Staff)
  • Colleen Wagner (Staff)
Finance & Development

The focus of this Team is to insure the financial sustainability of the organization by playing an active role in overseeing financial budgeting, reporting and resource development. The Team will serve as a liaison to the LCA Board in key areas such as preparation of the organization’s annual budget, review of periodic reports on financial performance and previewing the annual audit. This Team will additionally oversee the organization’s reserves (in accordance with the established Reserves Policy) and recommend investment strategies for reserves. Resource development via support to LCA Staff in maintaining and growing the existing donor base, recruitment of new funders and seeking out innovative funding to support specific programs and initiatives is the responsibility of this Team as the need for ongoing revenue growth is assumed.

  • Joe Crosswhite (Chair) – M&T Bank
  • Mark McCollom – Fulton Financial Corporation
  • Amy Nilsen – EHD
  • Lori Pickell -Irex Corporation
  • Hope Schmids – Millersville University
  • Marshall Snively (Staff)
  • Colleen Wagner (Staff)
Economic Development and Planning

This team will serve as the Steering Committee to ensure the implementation of Building On Strength, the 15 year economic development strategic plan for the City of Lancaster, including regular review of developed metrics ensuring alignment with the Plan Aspirations. The team will effectively utilize, evaluate and develop new tools to drive increased investment in the City’s four quadrants.

  • Andy Gilburg (Chair) – Benchmark Construction
  • Alex Brame – BB&T
  • Fred Briggs – Capital Blue Cross
  • Brett Calabretta – Warfel Construction
  • Chris Delfs – City of Lancaster
  • Paul Fulmer – NAI Commercial Partners, Inc
  • Jeff Horst – RKL
  • Ken Hornbeck – High Real Estate Group, LLC
  • Lyle Hosler – Economic Development Company
  • Tom Koppmann – M&T Bank
  • Justin Manning –  S&T Bank
  • Randy Patterson – CRIZ Authority
  • Vanessa Philbert – Community Action Partnership
  • Tom Ponessa – TW Ponessa & Associates
  • Todd Shertzer – CCS Building Group
  • Jordan Space – S&T Bank
  • Chris Stump – HARSCO
  • Ann Swartzbaugh – Burnham Holdings
  • Sara Tuscher – The Ecklin Group
  • Jeff Vrabel – Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
  • Dan Wolgemuth – Warehouse District
  • Shane Zimmerman – The Steinman Foundation
  • Marshall Snively (Staff)
  • Jeremy Young (Staff)

This Team focuses on developing marketing opportunities for the organization while leveraging our strong relationships with partner organizations including Lancaster Office of Promotion (LOOP), Discover Lancaster, the Lancaster Chamber and the Economic Development Company (EDC), to ensure a coordinated approach to marketing Lancaster. The Marketing ELT will also work closely to support the missions of all LCA Executive Leadership Teams.

  • John Lines (Chair) – Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
  • Chris Ballentine – Willow Valley Communities
  • Deborah Brandt – Fig Industries
  • Erika Herold – Woodstream
  • Chad Snyder – Charles F. Syder Funeral Homes & Crematory
  • Barbara Stambaugh – Franklin & Marshall College
  • Annie Weeks – City of Lancaster Office of Promotion
  • Anne Williams (Staff)

This Team seeks to engage and empower neighborhood leaders by becoming a trusted advisor to individuals and neighborhood groups seeking assistance with neighborhood stabilization, transformation, and broad stakeholder engagement throughout the City of Lancaster. The ELT will focus on initiatives as identified in the Building On Strength Economic Development Plan and on broad strategies for increasing quality of life and equitable neighborhood opportunities throughout Lancaster City.

  • Holly Kutz (Chair) – Murray
  • Milzy Carrasco (Vice Chair) – City of Lancaster
  • Ehsan Al-Hussaini – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Juan Aviles – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Philip Cabassa – City Resident
  • Heidi Castillo– Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Lisa Colon – Resident, City Resident
  • Maxine Cook – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Steve Cook – UGI
  • Casey Flores – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Kristen Krimmel – City Resident
  • Yaima Lopez – City Resident
  • Sue Mackey – City Resident
  • Mi Mi Poe – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Cindy Sawicki – Willow Valley Communities
  • Douglas Smith – City of Lancaster
  • Kerry Sherin Wright – F&M Writers House
  • Mark Stoner– Resident, City of Lancaster
  • John Suarez – Resident, City of Lancaster
  • Dave Aichele (Staff)
  • Marshall Snively (Staff)
LCA Safety Partners
  • A J Eckman – Lancaster Recreation Commission
  • Alexandra Bunn – Lancaster Barnstormers
  • Andrea McCue – Lancaster County Commissioners Office
  • Anne Schuman – F&M College Dept. of Public Safety
  • Blair Goshert – LNP
  • Bill McHale – F&M College Dept. of Public Safety
  • Bill Strickler – F&M College Dept. of Public Safety
  • Carli Moua – Lancaster Emergency Medical Services Association
  • Chief Scott Little – Lancaster City Fire
  • Chris Leppler – Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office
  • Chris Riggs – Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office
  • Colleen Adams – Water Street Ministries
  • Colleen Wagner – Lancaster City Alliance
  • Dan Ford – Penn Medicine/Lancaster General Health
  • Dave Greiner – Lancaster Community Safety Coalition
  • David Aichele    – Lancaster City Alliance
  • Dick Moriarty – Lancaster Emergency Medical Services Association
  • Gary Davis – Holiday Inn Lancaster
  • Gene Duncan – Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
  • Guy Boyer – Block by Block
  • Greg Downing – South Central Transit (RRTA)
  • Hannah Bost – Blakinger Thomas Law Firm
  • Ibrahim Aman – Lancaster Parking Authority
  • Jake Thorsen – SoWe
  • Jason Harnish – Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness
  • Jessica Edonick – PA College of Art & Design
  • Jessica Steigelman – PA College of Art & Design
  • Jim Cratty – US Department of Homeland Security
  • Joseph Donaldson – LNP
  • Karen Bousquet – City of Lancaster
  • Kevin Molloy – Lancaster County Convention Center
  • Larry Cohen – Lancaster Parking Authority
  • Larry George – Lancaster County Commissioners Office
  • Lisa Darlington – Block by Block
  • Lt. Sonja Stebbins – Lancaster City Police
  • Lt. Wayne Wagner – Manheim Twp. Police
  • Mike Foley – Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness
  • Mike Logan – Lancaster Barnstormers
  • Mike Wetzel – F&M College Facilities Management
  • Nathan Cottrell – Millersville University
  • Nina Moragne -Lancaster Early Education Center
  • Paul Tebbs – South Central Transit (RRTA)
  • Rachel Gallagher – Park City Center
  • Roger Steffy – Tabor Community Services
  • Sarah Maser – Lancaster Chamber
  • Serena Evans – Lancaster County Convention Center
  • Sgt. Dorsey Sumrall – Lancaster City Police
  • Tina Akimov – Park City Center
  • Tim Miller – Lancaster Safety Coalition
  • Tyler Groff – Water Street Ministries
  • Wes Farmer – Consultant, Community Organizer
Trash Receptacle Sponsors
  • Aaron & Dotty Rowe
  • Abacus Development, Inc
  • Boys & Girls Club – Jack Walker Clubhouse
  • Brent Olejack
  • Brian & Elizabeth Sterner
  • Campus Grill
  • Checkers Bistro
  • Chestnut Hill Café
  • Christian Science Reading Room
  • Congregation Shaarai Shomayim
  • Custom Prescriptions of Lancaster, LLC
  • Danny & Nancy  Whittle
  • Deb Weaver
  • Earl Fahnstock
  • F&M – Murry Arts House
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Franco’s Family Mini Mart
  • Frank Metzger
  • Frederick Street Lofts
  • Gary Leinberger
  • Grace Lutheran Church
  • HDC (Mulberry Apts.)
  • Ian Tangert
  • James Street Mennonite Church
  • James Street Properties
  • Karen Davis & Susan Matos
  • Lanc. General Health
  • Lanc. Theological Seminary
  • Lancaster Arts Hotel
  • LaQuann’s Barber Shop
  • LCA Bike Squad
  • Linda Horner
  • Matthew D Freedman,  DMD
  • Micky Smith
  • Otterbein United Methodist Church
  • Peg Mellinger-Hess
  • Peter Barber
  • Queen Street Linens
  • Quincy Leigh
  • Ross Elementary
  • Saint Ann’s School
  • Sluggers Pizzeria
  • Splits & Giggles
  • Steak Out
  • Superstar Grocery
  • Timm Wenger
  • Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Wharton Elementary School
  • ZETA charter of PHI KAPPA at F&M