Lancaster City Flourishes and everyone shares in its success.
Lancaster City Alliance is a non-profit that cultivates partnerships with business, local communities, the arts, education, non-profits, and government to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all.
  • "When Voodoo Brewery was exploring opening a location outside of Western PA, Lancaster City Alliance convinced us that Lancaster has the vibrancy we were looking for and the type of environment where we would thrive."
    - Andrew Volanski, Manager, Voodoo Brewery Lancaster

  • Dreya Moore, Creative Director, The Artist Studio and Gallery at Annex 24

    "As co-owner of The Artist Studio and Gallery at Annex 24, I appreciate how the Lancaster City Alliance works with merchants to troubleshoot issues facing the local business community."
    - Dreya Moore, Creative Director, The Artist Studio and Gallery at Annex 24

  • Miriam Ortega-Brown, city resident and co-chair of West Lancaster Jewels Neighborhood Committee

    "The West Lancaster Jewels Neighborhood Group has benefited so much from the efforts of Lancaster City Alliance. Thanks to their efforts we can proudly say that West Lancaster Jewels is “Love Where We Live,” as we have some of the most blocks adopted in the City of Lancaster.”
    - Miriam Ortega-Brown, city resident and co-chair of West Lancaster Jewels Neighborhood Committee

  • Henrietta Heisler, owner of Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc.

    "The Lancaster City Alliance is a ground-breaker in promoting small, local businesses making our city vibrant and safe. They are visionaries, promoters, and connectors."
    - Henrietta Heisler, owner of Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc.

  • Timbrel Chyatee, Founder and Designer, Lush Bazaar

    "The Lancaster City Alliance team worked with me to find the perfect location for my store and helped to promote the launch of my new enterprise."
    - Timbrel Chyatee, Founder and Designer, Lush Bazaar

Today's Lead Story

Lancaster City Alliance 2018-2019 Impact Report

Lancaster City Alliance 2018-2019 Impact Report │Message from our Board Chair and President

THE PEOPLE, BUSINESSES, AND COMMUNITIES OF LANCASTER CITY ARE at the center of everything we do. Our impact in the past year is felt by the entrepreneurs we assist. It is seen in the neighborhoods where our Red Shirt Ambassadors patrol and in the City’s growing tree canopy. It is heard when we celebrate our community’s success and address its challenges.

Our work is directed by the community’s Building On Strength Economic Development plan and is in partnership with over 30 organizations to implement the plan. In the past year, a major focus has been in South Lancaster, especially on South Prince, South Queen, and Manor Streets to assist neighbors with needed home and business improvements while providing job training, placing trash receptacles, and planting trees. We also hired a neighborhood project coordinator who speaks both English and Spanish to work alongside neighbors as we implement this work.

As we enter year five of the plan’s implementation, investment is increasing not only Downtown, but throughout our communities. In addition, we continue our work with the City and partner organizations to achieve housing for all and support our entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurship Coalition and the Cultivate Lancaster events.

This year also marks the beginning of our new strategic plan. The plan asks three important questions to guide our, work through the year 2022. One, how do we fulfill our most impactful role within the community ecosystem? Two, how do we define and measure the success of our stakeholders and three, how can we economy-proof our work to ensure

Thanks to the support of our investors and many community
partners, the City continues to grow, yet we still have much to
do. Please take a moment to review highlights from 2018-2019
and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead.
Peter Barber, Board Chair, and Marshall Snively, President.

View the full 2018-2019 Impact Report here.

Building On Strength Year 3 Summit

June 2018 marked the end of three years of implementation on Building On Strength, the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s 15-Year Economic Development Strategic Plan. At this milestone, Lancaster City Alliance invited the Plan’s nationally recognized consultants from Mahan Rykiel Associates, Inc., Arnett Muldrow & Associates, Ltd., and RGS Associates, Inc. to return for a special panel discussion with the Plan’s steering committee, the Lancaster City Alliance’s Economic Development & Planning Executive Leadership Team, as well as the organization’s Chairpersons Council and Advocacy Executive Leadership Teams. The consultants’ feedback highlighted the community’s achievements and where the community should focus its attention moving into Year 4.


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