Strategy 3 – Leveraging the Brand:

Building on Strength – Entrepreneurship Coalition Welcomes Your Big Ideas

Gerri McCritty, Tyrell Hoff, and Marion Coleman, artists and entrepreneurs at PAVAA Gallery, 632 N. Christian Street

Lancaster City Alliance and the Downtown Investment District were pleased to honor 66 city merchants who have been in business from one to 145 years. “Now more than ever, the resilience, creativity, and work ethic of the City’s small business community deserves to be celebrated,” said David Aichele, Executive Director of the Downtown Investment District. “We are pleased for the opportunity to recognize these extraordinary entrepreneurs who even in the most uncertain times, continue to bring vibrant flavors, experiences, and fun to the City,” said Aichele. 

Additionally, marketing stakeholders from across the City, representing small and large businesses, non-profits, restaurant, retail, and tourism identified ways in which the community can market the City in light of pandemic restrictions. The focus will be on maximizing Restaurant and Indie Retail Weeks, First Friday, parking education, health and safety messaging, mental health of the merchant community, and connecting with major City employers.