Strategy 2 – Embracing the Collaborative Economy

Beaver Street Initiative Approved for State’s Neighborhood Assistance Program Support

Nano Grill

The Cultivate Lancaster Entrepreneurship Coalition is pleased to have received a $49,000 grant from BB&T (Now Truist) Economic Growth Fund via the Lancaster County Community Foundation. The Entrepreneurship Coalition supports Lancaster’s entrepreneurial climate by streamlining information for starting and maintaining a small business and providing opportunities to connect and grow. Cultivating a vibrant entrepreneurial community attracts talent and brings big ideas to our City and is a main priority and focus of the Building On Strength Plan.

The Coalition plans to allocate a significant portion of this grant funding toward developing a five-year strategic plan. Their goal is to establish a long-term program vision, leadership structure, and sustainable funding. 

The ability to plan strategically is especially vital after the COVID-19 pandemic. During the business shutdowns, the Coalition was quick to pivot its operations, providing a channel of clear pandemic-related information to entrepreneurs. It was also instrumental in the creation of a $1.2 million local grant and loan program that launched before federal funds became available. As the local economy continues to reopen, the Coalition is excited to return to its core mission with this grant funding as a key ingredient to ensuring future success.