Special Presentation

February Special Presentations
Discover Lancaster’s New Streaming Channel

Pictured left to right: Dave Aichele, Executive Director of the Downtown Investment District, with Ed Harris, President & CEO of Discover Lancaster, and Lancaster City Alliance President Marshall Snively.

During the February Merchant Meeting, attendees were treated to an enlightening presentation by Ed Harris, President and CEO of Discover Lancaster, as they delved into the invaluable resource this organization offers for the small business community in the City of Lancaster.

Discover Lancaster is a beacon, illuminating the rich tapestry of local merchants, artists, and hidden gems that define the city’s vibrant culture. Through an innovative, new Digital Tourism Streaming Channel, businesses have the opportunity to stand out and shine like never before. Attendees gained insights into how their small businesses could leverage Discover Lancaster’s platform to attract customers & visitors and elevate their presence in the community.

Special Presentation The Evolving Landscape of Work

Pictured left to right: Dave Aichele, Executive Director of the Downtown Investment District, with Lori Johnson, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Anne Kirby, Founder of The Candy Factory, and Lancaster City Alliance President Marshall Snively.

At the February Merchant Meeting, Anne Kirby, the founder of The Candy Factory (TCF), delivered an insightful presentation that opened new doorways and offered opportunities for growth and success in our small business community. Anne shared how coworking extends beyond the tech and startup realm, offering inclusive spaces that combat the loneliness epidemic and welcome everyone. Through TCF’s model, she showcased how inclusive spaces like theirs are fostering collaboration and addressing social isolation right here in downtown Lancaster.


Anne emphasized the importance of merchants tapping into this thriving community for mutual benefit and growth. Attendees learned about the evolving landscape of work and the role of coworking spaces like TCF in enriching local commerce and providing collaborative opportunities. Anne’s presentation also highlighted strategies for merchants to engage with and benefit from coworking communities, fostering a thriving, interconnected business ecosystem.

Lori Johnson, the Community Outreach Coordinator for The Candy Factory, invited members of the small business community to visit The Candy Factory to discover what a thriving and productive community is working there.