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Lancaster City Flourishes and everyone shares in its success.
Lancaster City Alliance is a non-profit that cultivates partnerships with business, local communities, the arts, education, non-profits, and government to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all.

Working Together

January 2014 was frigid and unrelenting.

The Lancaster City Alliance would like to acknowledge the work of our dedicated staff, the men and women who keep us warm and safe and the many neighbors, stakeholders and friends who selflessly respond to ensure community needs are being met.


  •  Caring individuals across the community for sharing information far and wide when an elderly City resident went missing last week in the bitter cold, to make sure there were eyes on the street until he was found.
  •  LCA Clean Team and Bike Squad Ambassadors who hit the streets each day to ensure the safety of the many stakeholders who live, work, learn and play here.
  • Dedicated residents checking  on elderly neighbors, helping to keep sidewalks clear and offering to help those who may have a difficult time getting out in this weather.
  • Utility companies dealing with usage at record levels, and utility systems being tested in ways not seen for a decade or more.  We appreciate each organization’s commitment to our businesses and neighborhoods.    LCA is fortunate to have John Levitski, PPL’s Regional Affairs Director, and Steve Cook, Director of Business Development for UGI, serving in Leadership capacities for our organization. In discussions with both John and Steve, it is clear customer service is their number one priority.
  • Compassionate volunteers and staff from local faith based organizations who organize meals, set up warming stations, and evolve programs and initiatives to serve the needs of our at-risk and homeless population as we saw record low temperatures and wind.
  • City Staff, City Police and the Lancaster Parking Authority who helped implement last week’s snow emergency plan to keep our roadways open for emergency vehicles and traffic.
  • Public Safety and Healthcare professionals for which delays and cancellations do not apply.
  •  Susan Baldrige for shedding light on the issue of homelessness and courageously putting herself out there to experience and report on it for our community.

While interruptions to our normal routines and operations are frustrating, the fact that we are working together as a community shows our capacity for managing the bad and leveraging the good.

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