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Lancaster City Alliance is a non-profit that cultivates partnerships with business, local communities, the arts, education, non-profits, and government to ensure Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant City for all.

Lancaster City Alliance Celebrates Successful First Year!

To our Lancaster Community Friends and Family, Greetings!

I have the wonderful pleasure of writing to you as your Lancaster City
Alliance (LCA) celebrates its first year of contributing to the vibrancy of our great
City! Just one year ago we launched our Team as the result of consolidating the
James Street Improvement District and the Lancaster Alliance, bringing 30 years
of combined experience and an absolute resolve to make a noticeable difference!
In our first year, we have been humbled by the community’s immediate and
ongoing support and keen interest in following and participating in our activities.
As community and economic development, quality of life and fostering meaningful
partnerships are core to our intentions, we have been successful in engaging
on all fronts. As we carried forth the respective bodies of work for both organizations, we have been mindful to retain the expected level of delivery to our
long-standing constituents and financial supporters. It is only with the backdrop
of retaining existing commitments that we can venture into new opportunities
to better our vibrant City.
To briefly share the first year’s highlights, I offer:
• The formation of a concise LCA Governance Board and seven Executive
Leadership Teams, focused on areas core to our mission and delivery.
• The establishment of our first Strategic Plan, containing our Values
Statements, Vision, Mission and “We Will” commitments to the community.
We were so fortunate to have incredible participation from key stakeholders
in defining our priorities and success indicators.
• Preparing to lead the most significant Economic Development Strategic
Plan for the City in over 15 years. This community-owned plan will chart our
strategies and priorities for commercial economic development for the next
decade or so.
• Continuing to nurture partnerships that have a measurable impact
on the progress of the City in the areas of Municipal Finance Reform, Economic Development, Neighborhood Development, and attention to maintaining our Clean and Safe environment. We respect and honor the relationships we have with our critical partners in all areas of our delivery.
• Managing our ongoing engagement with the merchant and business community;
understanding their success is the key to a thriving City and the backbone of
economic success.
• The continuing development of our LCA Staff, of which I am quite proud, and
I could not be more pleased with their willingness to step out of their respective
comfort zones to build an impactful Team and make you, our customer, priority one!
In closing, you, our constituents, are of the highest priority as we go about our
work. Thank you for the support you’ve demonstrated, and as always, please see
us as a colleague, resource, friend and ambassador for your great City!
Bob Shoemaker, President and CEO

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