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Building On Strength – CRIZ Funding Helps Small Businesses Invest

CRIZ funding helps small businesses invest

The Blazin’ J’s staff at their E. King Street restaurant

The City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) Small Business Financial Assistance pilot-program now provides grants to entrepreneurs setting up, improving, or expanding a small business within Lancaster City’s designated improvement zone. The purpose of the financial incentive is to encourage entrepreneurs to do business in Lancaster City, which helps to promote community growth and vitality. The pilot program is being expanded to a grant and loan program in support of small business growth. The expanded program is expected to be in place by April. Last year six small businesses received CRIZ grants. Hear from Nicole Vasquez, Owner and Founder of Blazin’ J’s and Nicole Taylor Boutique.

What type of advice do have you for other small businesses looking to pursue CRIZ funding?

“CRIZ is a great program and helped us at Blazin’ J’s get our vent system, which would have been extremely expensive for us to purchase out-of-pocket, especially as a start-up restaurant,” said Nicole. “I highly recommend any small business in the CRIZ zoning to apply for CRIZ funding. It will definitely help take your business to the next level without having the out-of-pocket burden for the big expenses,” said Vasquez.

To begin the application process for CRIZ small business funding, go to